Magpul MS3 & MS4 Sling

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While working at Magpul, I was given an opportunity to help offload some of an engineer’s responsibilities. The project I was tasked with, was extending our manufacturing capabilities to in house production sewing. Designers can be isolated from the manufacturing of his or her design. This project was not the case, and offered me many new learning opportunities. I became comfortable with industrial sewing machines. The juki sewing machines we used were programmable and it was fun learning how to make the process easy for anyone to complete. Fixtures were designed to allow an operator to quickly perform the manufacturing with quality and efficiency.

In addition to the manufacturing responsibilities I also designed the QD Yoke shown in the Image. Relying heavily on user input, the design achieved the project’s goals. It was nice to have experts on hand to observe; allowing for fluid adjustments to the design.

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