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I was approached by a professional acquaintance to work with cradl. The mother and daughter team had defined an image and it was my job to take the dream to the next step. Entering a new industry for cradl, the team leaned on me for manufacturing support. The team needed to get the concept from paper to product. Having been through the manufacturing process there is lots of information cradl needed to become successful. We worked with local vendors to prototype and test the design. The phone case market is saturated and it was important to me that the design be unique to cradl. The case needed to keep the feminine aesthetic, a truly unique approach to the case. It was a challenge to make the case appeal to a broad spectrum of users, and for that I felt the cases needed to perform far superior than the competition.

Key Features:
• Indexed volume controls make it easy to know what button is pressed when not looking at the device
• Responsive volume controls keep the buttons snappy unlike the mushy feel of other cases
• Low profile design allows screen edge swipe gestures
• Raised corners allow the phone to be placed with screen down without damage to the display

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Elizabeth and Erin, as a mother and daughter team, launched cradl. with products that combine inspired designs with exceptional functionality. Have a closer look at
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